Karen's CFSA food log

3/16: Breakfast - two eggs over easy
Dinner - T-bone steak

3/15: breakfast - two eggs over easy
Dinner - mahi mahi in a tomato purée

3/14: Breakfast - two eggs over east
Dinner - filet with lobster tail (sans butter)

3/13: breakfast - shrimp and scallion frittata
Lunch - mahi mahi with asparagus and cauliflower purée

Writing Assignment Week 8

2. The good, the bad and the ugly:

I have gotten several good things out of this program. The fact that I managed to kick my diet coke addiction (yay!) makes me think the entire program is worth it in itself. Also, my sugar cravings dramatically decreased to the point that I could easily walk away from items with sugar in them. I think that made the program worth it. While I did not see a surge in energy, I did think my body metabolism was more efficient while on the program.

The bad was the fact that the more restricted the diet got (no fruit, no nuts), the more I wanted these items. I started to feel as if I was being deprived of these items, which psychologically made me crave them all the more. I understand the premise behind removing these items from the program, but I also felt it made the program very restrictive. The other bad thing I have noticed in the last couple of weeks being in Hawaii is how hard it is to eat local, organic, clean foods in DC. Everything here is clean and organic and you are not talking another language when you speak about paleo. Most places here are more than happy to accommodate your specific food requests.

I have to say that the ugly really would lie with the last email that we got and the off-roading guidance we received. I really take issue with the fact that if you are going to introduce a restricted food into your diet, you have to do so in a room all by yourself! Really????!!!! When I read this, it sounds like an eating disorder in the making!! I would think by now most of us in the program know the adverse effects some of these foods have on us. To tell us to eat the food by ourselves without anyone else around makes it feel like a punishment and that you should be in time-out for even contemplating eating these foods. How about saying “be mindful of why you want to eat a restricted food and how it makes you feel while eating it and afterward.”

3. Intentions following the program.

I would like to say I will follow the program whole-heatedly following the 60 day period. For the most part, I’m going to really try. I would love not to reintroduce any processed sugars back into my diet. However, I realize there needs to be balance and if I really would like a piece of pizza or a beer, I don’t think I’m going to hesitate from having them. I also am looking forward to trying some “paleofied” foods which should be able to be incorporated into my diet with relative ease. I do think I may have issues with dairy, so I might not add this back into my diet and see how I do with this long term.

4. Worth it.

I think this program is worth for individuals who have questions about what they are consuming in their current diets and if there is room for improvement or better well-being. I definitely think the program helps you to be more cognizant about what you are consuming on a whole. I think people who question whether it is worth it might only be looking for a quick fix or not truly interested in the long term benefits of eating a paleo diet.

3/12 : Breakfast - scrambled eggs and kahlua pork
Lunch - big island snapper cooked in cocunut milk and lobster

3/11: Breakfast - egg casserole
Dinner - prawns and lobster over nori (seaweed)

3/10 : breakfast - omelet with salsa and Kailua pork
Dinner - whole lobster plain :-)

3/9: Breakfast - egg casserole and sausage
Dinner - raw seafood - crab and lobster

3/8: breakfast - scrambled eggs and sausage
Dinner - mahi mahi over sweet yams with sautéed carrots